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Ensuring that you, the customer receives the highest quality Chlorella possible is our mandate.


We take our chlorella quality control very seriously. As shown on our Japan Research Laboratories page, we meet the Japanese Government's strict quality control for lack of heavy metals and high nutritional content. This analysis is completed once a year by the Japanese government to allow us to continue selling our products in Japan.


Though the above testing is thorough and accurate we want our customers to know that they are always getting the highest quality chlorella from us.


We test each and every batch of chlorella we harvest. A sample from each is taken and mixed in a saline solution to find out if there is any bacterial growth present.


Next, sophisticated computer analysis is done to calculate the nutritional content, biochemical composition, purity and microbiological components of that batch of Chlorella. If a batch does not meet our nutritional standards it is set aside to be sold as an animal feed ingredient.


Tell me who does that for the food you buy in the grocery store. Years ago world famous Dr. Michael Colgan from the Colgan Institute in California took a fresh ripe orange off of a tree to test it for nutritional content only to find out it had



You can be assured that when you eat GreenManna Chlorella you are getting the full nutrients we list or more with each tablet you take.


We use a color spectrograph to analyze the Chlorophyll content. The sample is a also examined under a microscope to ensure the absence of impurities.


In order for us to make tablets without using any binding or filler agents of any kind our chlorella must be pure. Companies that use binders or fillers must do so to make a tablet stick together that has impurities in it. This is why out of the hundreds of chlorella manufacturers in the world only a very few are allowed to be sold in Japan.


Here is a recap of what is done for each and every batch of chlorella we grow.

Bacteria examination
Nutritional analysis
Color inspection
Volume verification
Purity tests


You can see that why we have a full time lab when we produce over 400 tons of chlorella a year. (more than any other manufacturer).