Chlorella Tablets


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  • Individual Zip Pouches
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  • Chlorella Tablets (250 mg each)


250 grams (8.8 oz.)


Bag of




Chlorella Tablets




Buy one Bag for

$70.00 U.S.

Cost/gram is 28 cents


Free Worldwide


No Taxes!


3 grams of GreenManna

Chlorella Tablets/ day is

$25.20 per month

One Bag lasts 83

days (Almost 3 months!)



This Bag contains 250 grams (8.8 oz.) of Chlorella. There are 500 tablets of 500mg each.

This convienient Bag can be kept in your vehicle, purse, desk, gym bag or wherever you do not want to be without your GreenManna.


Organic Chlorella Tablet Bag Pricing

Tip: For drowsiness

while driving

take 4 grams (8 tablets).