22 Reasons to Purchase

GreenManna Chlorella


Chlorella is the Perfect



Chlorella activates the

production of T-Cells, B-

Cells, Interferon and



Chlorella causes the

Friendly Bacteria in the

stomach to multiply at 4

times the normal rate


GreenManna Chlorella is

the Highest Chlorophyll



Chlorella is the Highest

Protein Food


Chlorella is a Kosher Food


GreenManna Chlorella is

Certified by the: United

Kingdom Accreditation



GreenManna Chlorella has

ISO 9001 System



Green Manna Chlorella is

Tested and Certified by

the Japan Food Research



We use only Chlorella

Pyrenoidosa which gives

the highest amount of

CGF (Chlorella Growth

Factor) available of the

10 different varieties of



Our Patented Process for

Cracking the Chlorella

Cell Wall Opens 99.9% of

the Chlorella We Produce,

the Highest Open-Wall

Chlorella Rating of any

Brand on the Market.


GreenManna Chlorella

gives over 80%

Digestibility- the highest

of any Chlorella


We are the Oldest

Chlorella Producer in the



We are the Largest

Chlorella Producer in the



We are the Most

Technically Advanced

Producer in the World


Our Continual Refinement

and Updates to our

Production Techniques

allow us to maintain our

reputation as the World's

Finest and Purest

Premium Grade Chlorella


Grown in Tropical Fresh

Water, Outdoor Natural

Sunlight Conditions for

Complete Optimal

Production and Hygiene


Chlorella Researcher Dr.

Frank Liebke MD. uses

this Chlorella in His

Medical Practice


No Pesticides, or

Chemical Fertilizers are



GreenManna Chlorella is

the most Powerful Whole

Food in Existence


Our Chlorella is 100%

Pure with no Additives,

Fillers, Binders, Sugar,

Artificial Flavor, Artificial

Color, Preservatives, Corn

Starch, Coatings,

Excipients, Irradiation,

Bleaching, Milling, and is

Yeast-Free, Gluten-Free,

and Sodium Free


Last but Not Least- You

Deserve the Best Health!