Are you sick from Dehydration?


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You can print the above PDF color brochure for your own use or to hand out. If you do not have a duplex printer you can put this water brochure on dehydration through your printer 2 times and then fold it into a 3-fold brochure.


If you are not able to open the above PDF file then you may need to download the free Adobe PDF Reader.

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This introductory brochure on "Are you sick from Dehydration" is a first in a series we will be producing on water. Our intent is to have a new brochure on water ready for you once a month.


The average ink or toner cost to print this 2 sided color brochure on your printer is $1.00- $2.00 each plus your paper cost.



If you are interested in purchasing quantities of this Dehydration Brochure ours are printed on 100 pound glossy paper.


You can add your own label for your contact information on the bottom back page of the brochure. If you want us to print your labels for you and send them with your brochures please let us know what you want for contact information on your dehydration brochure.


Please see below for pricing.


100-1000 Brochures .20 each

1,100-2,400 Brochures .18 each

2,500-4,900 Brochures .17 each

5,000-9,900 Brochures .16 each

10,000+ .15 each

We will calculate shipping cost on an individual order basis.