What You Need to Know


Before You Purchase





When selecting a chlorella for purchase the first thing you need to know is where was it grown. The distributor or grower should be able to provide you with the following:


A "Radiation Report" showing their product is free from radiation contamination. An accredited certificate from an "Organic Certification Organization" and/or a report of analysis from the "Japan Food Research Laboratories".


Without having the above information prior to purchasing Chlorella you will not have any way of knowing if the chlorella you are using will be of any value or use to you. You may be wasting your money.

Chlorella has an incredible ability to absorb heavy metals, and then remove them out of the body. Radiation is a heavy metal.

If the chlorella you are using is grown in water that is exposed to heavy metals then the chlorella may have already used up its ability to absorb any further heavy metals. It may have had its nutritional content compromised giving you little of the nutrition that the chlorella could have offered you if it was grown in good conditions.